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What is PPC Advertising?

Pay Per Click Advertising is a form of online advertising in which you pay the provider (e.g. Google Ads) every time someone clicks on one of your ads which point to your website, or preferably, a carefully crafted landing page. This means as soon as an account is set up with your chosen providers and your first ad is written you can start getting traffic for your product or service. Social media platforms (Facebook) and other search engines (Bing) offer PPC opportunities as well.

PPC Retargeting is a form of remarketing that takes PPC to the next stage by displaying your ads to people while they browse the internet, after they have visited your web site. Sites that participate in displaying PPC ads as banners show a banner of yours in order to reinforce a message to the visitor – perhaps your chosen offer, service, or branding.

With PPC you can be on page 1 of Google for your keywords immediately!

What are the Benefits of PPC?

  • It’s FAST – Your ads appear in searches the day they are launched.
  • Great control over your ad spend.
  • Protect your business's brand awareness.
  • Great control over where (geographically) and when your ads appear.
  • Your ads can be targeted to smartphones and tablets (mobile PPC).
  • You cost per sales lead can be more affordable than other marketing activities.
  • Information learned about important keywords can be applied to your SEO efforts.
  • A great way to get instant results while your SEO is kicking in.
  • Retargeting PPC is proven to be almost twice as effective as other display ads.
  • Your ads are shown to people who did not convert into leads on their first visit to your website.
  • Reinforces a message of your choosing thus encouraging visitors to return to your site.
  • Great supplement to your PPC and SEO campaigns as it targets people showing interest in your business.

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Improve upon & protect your organic SERP rankings to increase leads, sales & grow brand awareness.

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We will create strategic targeted campaigns that drive sales & customer enagement!

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Secure website hosting & frequent maintenance to make sure your website is always online.

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Crisp high resolution logos, PNG & Vector files for websites, presentations, letterheads & much more.

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Create static visuals and animated HTML5 Banner Ads.

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